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Nexus Crossings: The Setting

The Nexus can be found a great number of ways. An entrance that always led to your closet. A rusty door in the back of a bar. Ducking through two trees whose branches cross one another. A forgotten crawlspace. Passing through the wrong shadowy alley. Simply falling asleep and waking up someplace strange. Even death.

The doorways to the Nexus are as varied as the realm itself. An in-between space. An intersection of all possible worlds. Ever changing, always shifting. Unpredictable, strange and thrilling. Modern urban sprawl can give way to wild woods in as little at five steps. Ruins of a civilization from a world time forgot leeching into farmers’ markets and pleasant pavilions. Sometimes a path you followed yesterday will lead someplace completely new tomorrow. Landmarks rearrange themselves depending on the time of day and a cozy tea shop you found last week will be replaced with a curio shop today.

Another outstanding feature of the Nexus is the Anti-Violence Field. No one knows precisely how it is generated or how it operates, but it shields all travellers and inhabitants with protection. Unless both parties consent to battle, no one can be physically harmed by another.

The place is unpredictable and terminally in flux, but that is part of the charm. You never know what you’re going to find, who you’re going to meet, or where you’re going to go. Will you mark that door you found back in your world and move freely between home and here? Will you find your way back has vanished once you stepped through and are now stranded? Will you willingly settle here in the Nexus and explore it’s many doorways to other dimensions?

The Nexus is a locus of possibilities. Come explore them.


Nexus-Crossings is a panfandom open RP community. There is no need for applications and no activity checks. The amount of characters you bring in is limited only by your imagination and desire to play. Simply join with your character journal(s) and jump into the game. OCs, AUs and all canons are welcome.

The community is driven by the playerbase. While mods may introduce events and plots, the players are highly encouraged to do the same. With a little moderator clearance or interest check, anyone can prompt activities ranging from bake sales to combative invasion. The setting is made to be as nebulous and varied as our players are.

Another common occurrence in Nexus-Crossings are temporary, character-altering anomalies, colloquially known as “LOLs”. Gender switches, de-aging, bodyswapping: any manner of transformation can take place in the Nexus. All LOLs are opt-in and not required participation, meant just to facilitate character growth and encourage character interaction through strange circumstances.

Players are encouraged to make up their own locations, events and plots. The setting is big enough and fluid enough to accommodate any idea. In the comment section below, you'll find the major hubs of the Nexus. In the course of your RP, if you wish to establish a set location that others can reference in their RP, feel free to write a description of it and include it as a comment. Just put the name of the locale in the subject line and give any and all established details.

Examples of this sort of thing would include: a shop your character runs; a landmark used often by your friends as a meeting place; an animal or fruit your character has seen or found in The Wilds; a bar or restaurant frequented by your character. It can be any object, location, NPC, merchandise, home, shop or office that you would like to share with your fellow players or would like to establish as recurring.

Finally, the Anti-Violence Field is a safety measure to ensure characters aren't endangered unless they consent to it OOCly. Combat can still happen, and events can cause the field to fail. But no character can be ambushed or assaulted if the player does not wish it to happen.

If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to ask the mods. We are here to help!
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The Grand Library

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On the border of the Plaza, close to the edge of The Wilds, stands The Grand Library. A grand staircase leads up to its doors, their design a testament to the strange amalgam this mecca in the meeting of the multiverse is. The tall, arched entry way and high vaulted ceilings remind one of the largest episcopal libraries of Earth - any Earth - rather than the deep vault of magic it is.

Inside, the walls of each of the many floors are stacked high with books, their ranks often broken by large, often stained glass, windows or strange artifacts from across the many worlds of the multiverse. Beautifully ornamented staircases usher patrons between levels and seating areas both large and small decorate the floors to offer a place to rest between searches for new volumes of knowledge. Rows upon rows of bookshelves across each of the library's floors offer an infinite number of volumes on any subject someone could dare to think of. A true scholar's delight.

Small rooms punctuate the edges of the library's walls. Some are filled with the most advanced computing technology available, allowing for deep searches of the Nexus' internet offerings. Others are more humble, calling back to simpler times. One can find a room suited to the Renaissance scholar next to one suited for the discerning PhD candidate of the early 2000's.

No need is too small, or great, for the staff of librarians. Hailing from across the multiverse, they come in all shapes and sizes, offering their own expertise to the library's patrons. They're happy to recommend new volumes for research or pleasure, as well as to aid you in searching the web or checking out a few books to take home. Just be sure to bring them back - there's nothing a librarian hates more than to see their precious volumes leave and never return and they will be loathe to let you take any more home if you don't return what you've already borrowed.

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Crossroads Cafe

[personal profile] sumarusfinest 2016-10-14 03:12 pm (UTC)(link)

Off of one of the many roads leading away from the central point of the plaza is a large four story brick building which houses a homey cafe on its ground floor. A very European style outdoor seating area leads to a large glass door with a whimsical wire beater for a handle.

The cafe itself is small: warm colors of reds, oranges and bronze and a wooden floor with an open air kitchen and two modest counters on either side of a small coffee bar. Customers are welcome to dine indoors as well and watch either the pastries or the made to order meals being made.

With such a busy place, it's nice to pop in and get a bite to eat now and again, right?
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Galley Diner

[personal profile] juststeverogers 2016-02-22 01:10 am (UTC)(link)
Made in the style of the American railroad dining car restaurants, this tiny hole in the wall eatery has everything a classic American diner should have. A long bar, a few booths lined up along the large front window, and the kitchen. That's it, that's all you need.

The entire place is run by a single couple, known only to the locals as Nana and her husband Pappy. Nana is the face of the diner, an older dark skinned woman with your grandmother's fuss over how skinny you are and with every intention to fatten you up. She fusses over all of her patrons, and especially her regulars, treating them as if they were her own family. Pappy can usually be seen working away in the kitchen, all smiles as he prepares the diner's specialty of American comfort foods.

The locale is known for their breakfasts, as diners often are, but the specialty meals seem to be biscuits and gravy, Belgian waffles, meatloaf, and specialty macaroni and cheeses.

Feel free to stop by, but you better come hungry and expect to leave with a new set of Grandparents.

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Piccione's Pizza

[personal profile] westfallcorndog 2016-03-13 04:19 am (UTC)(link)

For casual, family-friendly dining in the neighborhood, it's gotta be... Piccione's! Owned and operated by the pigeon-man Piccione himself and staffed by his lovely wife and daughters, this tiny, classic pizzeria and Italian diner is a favorite among the beastial races of the Nexus. Specialty meals for particular animal palates are available on the secret menu. Everything can be taken in from the entrance: Five checker-clothed tables, chairs that don't remotely match, and a wall full of photographs of the smiling regulars. Come often and you can be featured too! Humans and non-animals are welcome, of course!

They cater! They deliver! They even host parties! Small, small parties.

Mention Piccione's in your thread? Reply here with a link!

(image credit: X | Art by me!)
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Re: Piccione's Pizza

[personal profile] westfallcorndog 2016-03-13 04:28 am (UTC)(link)
Piccione's debut was the thread 'Happy Birthday, Viatorus!' They provided the pizza, which [personal profile] ixis ate all by himself.
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FLIXBUSTER – The Official Host of Nexus Movie Nights

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You want VHS? You want DVDs? You want holocasts? You wanna rent that one pair of virtual reality goggles that smells like taco sweat? You want... FLIXBUSTER!

Bathe in the cool fluorescent lighting, consider the artful yellowing of the curling movie posters from across the multiverse, watch the films the employees put in that old CRT hanging from the ceiling, and ponder the nature of that vaguely crusty VHS box. Tall stacks of films are crammed tightly together in this compact maze of movies. Don't see what you want? Ask the employees to check the stock room: they're bound to find what you want behind the closed 'Employees Only' door.

Interested in watching a movie with your friends? Rent the back room for access to the prestigious projection screen that pulls down from the ceiling and access to dozens of metal folding chairs – some with cloth cushions!
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The Yendi's Arms

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Despite the name, there’s no coat of arms to be seen.

Something between a cafe and a restaurant, this establishment is a narrow place of winding stairs, hidden nooks and out-of-the way fireplaces. What it lacks in openness and lighting it makes up in coziness and style. The decor is primarily wood paneling and muffling carpets, though the floorboards beneath creak in odd, strategic places. The walls and entrance-way hold a few pieces of art, mainly ambiguous landscapes and abstract wood sculptures.

Regardless of its private feel, all visitors are welcome and no questions are asked of them besides their choice of fare. The menu carries simple meals and a wide selection of drinks, especially teas, coffees, klava and other beverages suitable for lingering over. Perhaps this is why the Arms are popular with those seeking a place for quiet meetings or study sessions.
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Curie's Clinic

[personal profile] missnanny 2016-10-16 09:22 pm (UTC)(link)
Curie's Clinic is nothing special and it resembles a shotgun style building or a wooden trailer. The outside doesn't look like much except for the red neon lights saying what service it provides, it is a simple medical clinic.

And inside there is a simple exam room/office, waiting area, and even a small recovery room.
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Handy Work

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Handy Work is both a hardware store and a furniture store. Here, residents can find any material they need for do it yourself projects. They can also custom order hand- made furniture, mostly done in wood. Freddy will take special requests, on a case by case basis. He'll also have a slow, but steady supply of plain wood furniture.

The furniture is well-balanced between light and sturdy. The carvings are pretty and well done. Freddy, after all, is very good with knives.
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The Night Market

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Hidden down a twisting path is the ruin of an ancient agora. Within its high walls the shadows cluster deep and thick, making the perfect place for spies and thieves to do business beneath the cracked pillars and broken doorways. Its location is something of a secret, but if you’re looking to do the right kind of business, you may be directed there by helpful associates - or by lucky chance.

At the back of the central courtyard is a fountain of inky water. It flows from beneath the stone sculpture of a hooded woman with ravens perched upon her outspread arms. Rumor has it this is the divine patron of the market’s denizens. Some say she’s been known to do business here herself.

But then, the people of the market will tell you anything they’re paid to.
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Several species of airborne ammonite/nipponite can be found bobbing around woodlands, parks and orchards around the Wilds. Their shells come in a variety of shapes from the classic coiled spiral to ‘astronaut’s toothpaste’, often brightly patterned and ornamented. They are quite docile and will accept chunks of fruit and small eggs from visitors; picnickers will often find a few bobbing up to wave hopeful tentacles at them.

If there is an equally airborne mosasaur which preys upon them, no-one has documented it yet.
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[personal profile] pathfromdarknesstogrey 2016-04-03 08:03 pm (UTC)(link)
It's clear a great battle was fought here once.

But whatever the outcome, it's clear that this section of the city was destroyed, and subsequently lost to the Wilds of the Nexus.

Annihilated buildings, shattered from some powerful, outside force. Broken like trees in the wood. Most of these buildings have since been reclaimed by the Nexus's definition of nature. Trees and plants growing over and through them, animals having since made the empty husks their homes.

One building, in particular, was a tower of smooth glass, shining metal, and evidence of former technology. It, too, has not fared well. Even broken in half as it apparently is, it's still the tallest among the rest. Nature has started to reclaim it, too.

Keen eyes and memories (and finding certain signs that are still intact and readable) will see that this was part of some flavor of New York City, although it's suffered some form of Apocalypse given the sheer amount of damage to everything that's still standing.

Whatever the case, it's quiet. Save for the occasional gust of wind through empty streets. Whatever happened here has long since past.
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The Atomic Shooting Range

[personal profile] dansemachine 2016-08-08 02:14 am (UTC)(link)
Set in an open field at what was once an abandon farm is a shooting range with a very simple set-up.

The booths themselves are a simple wooden structure completes a place to put ones ammo and weapons while they work on perfecting their aim. There are even ashtrays for those who smoke, and an old Nuka Cola machine that serves up variety of Nuka Cola.

The field itself has a number of different targets ranging from dummies dressed up as raiders from Danse's world to simple targets at various distances.

At night, the shooting range is still capable of being used thanks to some generators providing power to a number of lights in the field, and inside the booths themselves. And the range is open 24/7.

And if anyone is looking to learn how to use a firearm both Danse and Rosco are willing to show you how for a small fee. And if Danse is not maintaining the shooting range he can be found inside of the barn that has been refurbished into an office and Danse's home. Danse is also willing to sell firearms from his universe as well as show how to operate them. He is even willing to obtain armor and power armor at the request of the buyer for a fee of course.

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Singer Salvage Yard

[personal profile] riversideblues 2016-10-17 01:18 am (UTC)(link)
ooc: Named in honor of Bobby.

Singer Salvage Yard is a few acres of land complete with a large number of stacked scrap cars tucked behind a row of trees. This is the place where both Dean and Sam call home in the Nexus and tucked neatly among the row of crushed cars is an old two story cabin where the two brothers reside along with their partner in crime Castiel.

The yard itself has what most salvage yards do besides crushed cars and it comes complete with a work area where Dean tends to his prized possession while he's not working.

The inside of the cabin has a living room, a dated kitchen, basement complete with a number of tools, books, and potion ingredients tucked away on the number of shelves against the wall.
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[personal profile] pathfromdarknesstogrey 2016-04-03 08:19 pm (UTC)(link)
Let's be honest: It was inevitable. Somewhere on the bowels of the Industrial District is a massive. Massive clan of small, hooded creatures that have since made the Nexus their home and place of business. Nobody knows how many of them there are, and frankly, nobody's really tried to ask or count.

Either way, if it's eclectic technology, scavenged (..or possibly stolen) droids, or bizarre shiny things, the local Jawa clan is the place to go.

They seem to have formed some sort of hierarchy, but honestly, it's hard to tell the difference from Jawa to Jawa. However, the one that seems to be the (possibly current, but who the hell knows) leader is usually the one wearing a strange shiny pendant they found at some point.
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Re: INDUSTRIAL DISTRICT/ The Fortress "prison"

[personal profile] havensnumberoneracer 2016-05-01 07:57 pm (UTC)(link)
Somewhere in the Industrial District, is a huge fortress like area.

There are red armored Krimzon guards walking around it and inside it all day, every day...

The Outside of the Prison walls look like this:

Indoors, it is a complex prison full of many rooms, and many rooms powered by eco.

Main room:

This area consists of several jail cells along the perimeter of the room, strange ventilation shafts emitting a green gas, and a warp gate in the back. Most notable, however, is the presence of injection equipment in the center of the room. The equipment is placed on a platform above a computer terminal, and is situated in the middle of a seemingly endless depth, though as revealed in Daxter this depth is actually the location of another control room.

Ahead of two smaller rooms, the latter of which is filled with crates, bookshelves, and a locked door in the back, is a huge warehouse. The bottom of the warehouse serves as a parking lot for several security tanks, while the upper regions of this room, where Jak traversed, contains cranes, computer terminals, and service platforms. Ahead of this area is a control room with grated flooring, making Jak vulnerable to guard fire from below. Beyond this area is a small room with a destructible floor panel, which takes Jak down to a small maintenance corridor, at the back of which is another destructible floor panel. This panel is placed directly above a large chute which spits Jak out into a drain or sewerage area, flooded with water but also containing many stacked crates, allowing Jak to climb to a high-up exit door.

Back room: Back in the primary entry room and past the previously-electrified fence in the back is a corridor guarded by several guards, elite guards, and hover guards. Past this area is another electrified fence which must be deactivated via large buttons atop several columns placed along the corridor. Beyond the gate is a control room monitored by several laser-activated turrets, with a half-pipe structure in the back that leads to a more elaborate control room. This area has four more turrets, several computers, a number of guards, and a grated ceiling through which guards will fire down at Jak. Past this is a small room with several shock-inducing spy bots, with a door in the back that leads back to the primary injection chamber.

The first area after this entrance has several computer terminals, an idle security tank, an entrance to one section of the fortress to the left, and an entrance to another section in the back, the latter two of which lead to two different missions.

The munitions room:
After entering the entrance to the left, the alarm will be triggered and the security tank will activate. There are a few grated platforms around the following area, one of which is monitored by a number of laser-activated turrets. Just ahead of this is a large room with two columns, at the top of which are four arms ending in platforms that rotate about the columns' vertical axes. There is an electrified fence in the back of this room located up above that corresponds with tubes placed at the top of the columns. Past this fence is a network of corridors patrolled by several guards. This area has several conveyor-like platforms, computer terminals, stacked boxes, and grated walls. Beyond this is a large munitions room, with a large missile, several smaller rockets around it, more computer terminals, and another security tank. This room also contained a floor grate, through which another room with access to the Haven sewers can be seen but not accessed. After the missile explodes, the leftmost entrance back in the primary entry room becomes inaccessible due to wreckage.

The prison was transported to the Industrial District via portal and is guarded heavily at all times.