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Ye Olde LOL(e)

Hey everybody! It's been an age and a half since we did a silly no-consequences LOL event, hasn't it? If you're craving one, you're in luck – Our retro asses want to bring a tired old classic to the Nexus: Rule 63! A lighthearted (or not, depending on how your character feels!) chance for your characters to briefly see the world as another sex/gender (however you prefer to phrase it or play it.)

Remember that LOL events – as all events on the comm – are entirely optional. When the OP goes up sometime between now and Sunday, simply opt-in if you choose by replying to it. If you don't reply, consider your character safe! This event will be temporary, as they all are, but, heck, if you want your character to stay their new selves for a longer period of time or even permanently that's your call! Fun is the name of the game, after all, and it can last as long as you're enjoying yourself.

As a little caveat, and one which I honestly don't think I need to say because I know our playerbase is generally very mindful and cool: Just remember Community Rule #6 (and check our updated rules, by the way!)
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[personal profile] smartass_captain 2017-07-14 04:33 am (UTC)(link)
Welp by popular demand Jim is gonna be in this <3

I"ll reply with other people i plan to drop in as i find PBs for them.
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[personal profile] sumarusfinest 2017-07-15 04:06 pm (UTC)(link)
Katsuya is also ready and not-so-much willing to sign up
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[personal profile] rogueinladysclothing 2017-07-15 12:32 am (UTC)(link)
The rogue has had icons for this sort of thing for about a year now, so of course she's going in. XD

Super excited for this to go down!